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: Leighton Antelman
Band : Lydia
Job In Band : Lead Vocals & guitar
Website Address : facebook.com/lydiamusic1

: Gilbert AZ
Hometown is best known for : very very white
Best venue in your hometown : No venues in hometown. More of where you go to retire than see your favorite band

How long has the band been going?

Lydia has been trucking along for about 6 years now I believe
Many lineup changes along the way?
Ha, jesus yes. I think I lost count some where around 15 member changes. I'm actually the last original member. Maybe I'm an asshole or something
How would you describe your sound to the average person on the street?
I usually like to keep it simple and just tell people it's rock and roll
What's your most recent release? Tell us a little about it...
'Assailants' is the recently released music from Lydia. It was strange recording it because I hadn't told anyone this was the last music I would be doing with Lydia, not even the other band members. Either way I'm very proud of what came out on the record.
Got a favourite track that you have released so far?
Well the most popular one was probably "This is Twice Now" so that one was always a favorite to play live


What was your first introduction to music that made you think seriously about playing it?

I think my first memory of when I knew I wanted to play music was in junior high school. I was in love with a band called The Ataris. For some reason that band spark the interest for me to pick up a guitar.
What was your first band name, and what style did you play?
haha oh that's embarrassing. It was actually called Rolo 15. You have to give me a little break though, come on blink 182 was gigantic
Most prized music related item you own?
Well I've had my Les Paul for quite a while now. Its been around the US countless times and a a good bit of wear and character to it. It's about to make it's way to Australia also. So I'd say my old ass guitar.
The thing you most look forward to just before a tour is...
Probably seeing all of my favorite cities and favorite people I don't get to see often.
The thing you least look forward to before a tour is...
Ha, well probably seeing a lot strange people on the road that generally stand too close to me or talk really close to your face. no one enjoys that, come on just back up a tiny bit.
When your not doing band related stuff, what are you usually found doing?
Music does take most my time but away from it you would most likely see me at a pub whiskey on the rocks.

Best rider item you've ever received without requesting it?

Probably a handle of Jameson in Los Angeles I believe it was.
Favourite place (city/town/country) you’ve toured… and why?
I have to say either Chicago or New Orleans. Those cities are just beautiful, the water all around just gets me. Everyone should try and visit once.
Worst 'guilty pleasure' artist / song you've come across on a bandmates iPod?
Ha, that's got to be Dashboard Confessional. "Hands Down"? Come on you know you like that shit. A little more current would be Lady Gaga. Although I can't say I'm ashamed of that, she's just a bad ass
Who in your group has the worst “bad habit” on tour, and what is it?
Well we all actually have this habit where we are constantly late to everything we do. Even if we leave on time, somehow we find a way to be late.

Where are you?

Sitting in my living room typing this on my new iPod touch, I love this thing.
What's the last song you listened to?
"Shut It Down" by Drake. That kid blows my mind, check him out if you haven't.
Which band or album is currently rockin' your world?
I actually had this band on my iPod for awhile but never got around to listening for some reason. But Good Old War has been impressing me lately
Tell us a band we should all go and listen to right now?
Rocky Votalato album called "makers" if you like folk this is the end all record

If you could pick any one album to cover from start to finish, what would it be and why?

There are very few albums I really like start to finish. But I'd say it would be an album called 'Dog Problems' from a band called The Format. That record is just so strange and I really took to it as soon as I heard it.
If you could pick any one band / artist to cover one of your albums from start to finish, what would it be, and why?
That would have to be Counting Crows. That band has blow my mind for a decade. He's one of my favorite singers. He's kind of one of those singers you love or hate.
If you could pick one band to re-unite so you could play a one-off show with, who would it be, and why?
Can I bring back one of the members too? If that's the case it's Queen hands down. Freddie Mercury is a god.
One big tour, you can take two currently active bands to support you, who would you choose, and why?
I'd probably say Jay-Z and Lady Gaga. You said supporting us right ?


17th - The Hive, Brisbane
18th - Rosie's Live, Brisbane [Buy Tickets]
19th - Billy's Beach House, Gold Coast
20th - Spectrum, Sydney [Buy Tickets]
21st - Blush Nightclub, Gosford
24th - Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle
25th - The Arthouse, Melbourne
26th - Barwon Club, Geelong
27th - Fowlers Live, Adelaide [Buy Tickets]
* Elliot The Bull Not Playing Adelaide
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