Buried In Verona will this week release their much anticipated new album ‘Notorious‘ via UNFD. Deborah Konopnicki recently caught up with Brett from the band to chat about the new album and more. Expand this post to check out the interview. Order your copy of ‘Notorious[Here].

Hey mate! How are you going? I can only image what a busy week this is for you guys.
Yeah, it’s getting there but it’s always nice to have a chat!

The album “Notorious” is out on Friday and feels like it’s been a long time coming ever since it was announced. I’m a pretty big fan of you guys so I’m excited for it to finally come out as well. You must be jumping out of your skin!
Yeah. We finished tracking it half way through February. It’s almost to the point where we want to leak it. I can’t wait and we’re all really, really excited to get it out there. I’m really keen for people to hear what we’ve done.

The guys at UNFD hooked me up with the album a little while ago so I’ve had a good chance to listen to it. The first time that I spun it, it was exciting because the sound was so familiar but there were so many new bits and pieces that totally threw me. There was just so much progression from the last album and almost a totally new sound. Is there any one thing that you can pin-point that was the catalyst to head into this direction?
I think it was a little bit of just growing up and maturing. After two album of the metalcore thing most of us were really ready to strip it back a bit more and focus on making a better connection and writing actual songs instead of putting parts together. We just wanted to strip it back and have a certain message in it and have a certain feeling to it. Hopefully the audience can get a hold of what we’re saying and what we’re feeling.

I guess the song that really typifies that is the first track on the record. It’s such an aggressive track! I assume that it’s directed at someone that you’re no longer in touch with?
It’s definitely a finger pointer that one! I guess all this stuff happened last year with an ex-member. Like anyone who would ever try and stop a dream from happening from me personally, I have no respect for them anymore. I just wanted to get it all out, I did that and I felt better after it, which was the main thing!

What do you think the impact is going to be like once the song is released?
I think when that person listens to it, they’re going to know. There’s a lot of metaphors in there that this person will know exactly what they mean. I hope the audience when we play it, will not get angry but will love the aggressiveness of it and sing it with me! It’ll be amazing! We can point the finger at him together!

Well I’m hoping that I get a chance to chat with you in a few months time to see what impact it would have had! That’s the other thing that I took away from the record; while it’s quite a personal song to you there was still so much emotion in the song that anyone could latch onto it and give it their own meaning. It’s quite a relatable record!
Yeah. I guess there were a few issues in our lives at times – like “Four Years” – about the choices that we made. We had a choice to either go back to day jobs or just go 100% music and just go for it. Some people might say that it’s not a hard decision but you’re giving up a normal life. There’s no money in this until you get big! It was a hard choice and a lot of songs were about the decision and even about the happiness of the choice that we did make. We love what we do, and there are a couple of other songs that are issues with me and other things going on in my life and stuff like that. Writing from experience is paramount to me. If I’m on stage singing something that I don’t know much about then there’s no point in singing it. How are the audience going to connect with you if you don’t even know what you’re talking about?

A song that really struck a chord with me – that I must have listened to over and over for an hour at one point – was “Lionheart”. It’s so, so different from anything that you guys have ever done. It’s got this incredible… I don’t even know! From the chord progression in the chorus to the lyrics themselves. The song is killer! Can you tell us a little bit about how that came about?
In this writing process, nothing was ever going to be left off the table as long as it was what we thought was amazing. If someone would have brought a rap to the table and it was really good, then there probably would have been a rap in the song! A lot of people are probably going to go “What the fuck?!” when they hear that song, but I think that it’s a really well written song and hopefully they can get past the fact that it is different but I still like it!

I’m a huge fan of all of your music, but that’s probably my favorite track at the moment. It’s got a great message. When listening to it it’s one that I can imagine going off live! Is that one that you’re particularly looking forward to playing?
Yeah, that’s going to be great. I think we’re going to save that for a little bit further on in the year until we start playing that. It’s one of those songs that we think is going to take a while for people to latch onto just because it is so different, but the day that we play that and we’ve got everyone singing along to it will be amazing.

As you touched on before there were some member changes and even just before ‘Saturday Night Sever” came out there was a bit of reshuffling as well. Do you feel as though you’re a more cohesive unit now and that this is the line-up that’s going to take you forward?
Oh for sure. Absolutely. The guys that we’ve got now; even though I haven’t known them for that long really we’re just a massive family now. I could ring any one of them and go for a beer with them. We can also separate the business and the friendship.  If we’re rehearsing and something isn’t up to scratch then you’ll be told. Ten minutes later you’re having a joke with them. I love all the boys and there’s a very happy vibe in the Buried In Verona camp at the moment which is really good!

You headed overseas again for the record to Sweden to work with Fredrik Nordström. I could feel it in “Saturday Night Sever” as well that there was this slight ‘euro-metal’ feel to the record that set you apart from the other bands at the time and again you have that edge. What made you decide to work with him again?
I pretty much want to be boyfriends with Fredrik. He’s just an absolute legend and I’ve never met a person with the talent that he has musically and his ear is just ridiculous. He’ll hear stuff that just isn’t there to us, but when he picks it up, it’ just amazing. It’s really good to work with him. He’s honest with us and if something’s shit, he’ll say its shit. It’s just great. With this record we wanted more input. With “Sever” we pretty much turned up, pressed record and then we got the sound. He did pull amazing sounds that really helped with the finished product but this time instead of talking amongst ourselves and firing out issues we involved him and to have other good minds working on a song, you can always come up with a good thing.

You’ve enlisted Ahren from The Amity Affliction for the track “Can’t Let Go”. It added a little something extra and felt like the song was made for his vocals! How did you get together with him?
I’m a massive Amity fan, and until we went on tour with them in North Queensland last year we didn’t know them at all. After meeting them and hanging out and keeping in contact, they’re just the best dudes. When we were doing this record and when we wrote that chorus we just thought that “Oh my god, Ahren would absolutely kill that” so we asked him and he said yes… which was awesome! When we were in Sweden and we received the files we were like “Holy shit! He killed it”.

Do you think he might make a cameo appearance when you’re tour kicks off?
If he’s in the country then I’m sure he will. I’m sure that we’ll be hanging out a fair bit and doing what we normally do!

Well hopefully there’s a Buried In Verona/Amity tour in the not too distant future then!
You never know!

You guys singed to UNFD for this record, who are going from strength to strength. I think people are starting get certain expectations from them now when they sign a band; that they’re going to be quality!
They heard the demos for the new record and had seen us play live a couple of times. The Amity dudes put quite a big word in for us to get the ball rolling. Like you said, they’re known for quality music and they’re great to work with. They’re totally on the ball and they suit us heaps. They’re willing to push the record as far as it’ll go and it’s a really good working relationship even though it’s still quite young.

I remember when they announced on Facebook that they signed you that there was this over-whelming support from everyone and stacks of fans coming out of the woodwork. How did you find that?
Yeah! The vibe around the record inside the band and from the fans is great. We’re so confident in  that album and we’re pretty confident that people are going to love it as well. It’s such a positive vibe. We can’t wait to hit the road and share it with people.

The first time that I saw you live a couple of years ago, I snapped up some pretty awesome merch. You had Snow White being killed by her seven dwarfs and a pretty evil looking Inspector Gadget. You’ve taken it up a notch with this new artwork the album cover is just such a striking image!
His tattoos are amazing. I’ve never seen a better torso done in my life! When we were thinking about what we could have on the cover, we didn’t want to go with the cartoon thing, we wanted a photograph that summed up who we are and what we’re doing. It’s just a striking image with a chain that you’d associate with rap and that sort of stuff with a nice clean background. The guy is really extreme in what he’s done to his body as well, and it’s a weird combination but it turned out awesome. I love the front cover.

Just a couple more. There are so many killer tracks on the record. Are there any in particular that you’re really keen for people to hear?
I can’t wait for people to listen to “Miles Away”… which I guess they have now! I guess that’s my favourite song. I can’t wait to play it live!

Last one for today! The album is so emotionally charged and there are some incredible moments. What are some of the things that you’re hoping that people can take away from the record?
I guess it would be awesome if it can help them. If they can read my lyrics and attach them to missing someone or losing someone or even family issues or just hard times that turn out positive. If that can inspire them to knuckle down and inspire them follow through then that would be amazing.


Available this Friday via UNFD / Warner Music.
Order online [Here]