Having just wrapped up their Australian tour dates alongside The Amity Affliction, Asking Alexandria continue their busy touring schedule in support of their ‘Reckless And Relentless‘ album. Whilst in the country, Deborah Konopnicki caught up with the band’s lead singer Danny for a chat about the tour and what’s ahead for the band. See below to take a read.

Hey Danny. How are you going?
Very good thank you. How are you?

What are you up to at the moment?
Sitting doing a thousand interviews!

Yeah, I can imagine that it would be a tad strenuous so I appreciate you taking out the time to have a chat with us today.
That’s fine.

How’s the tour treating you so far?
It’s going great. The response has been huge and incredible and there’s been loads of boobs!

(laughs) fantastic. You’re on tour with Aussie favourites The Amity Affliction right now and you guys are obviously very popular down here as well. Has there been a stand out show so far?
I don’t know. The first two in Brisbane were both completely mental. All of the shows have kind of just been consistently really good. There hasn’t been one that’s kind of stood out above the others. They’ve all kind of just sat on that level playing field of being just good shows.

You guys were down here pretty recently before this tour as well as part of the Soundwave festival. I caught a bit of your set in Melbourne where you headlined your stage and it just went off.
It was phenomenal, hey? That was actually the best show of the entire tour. I’m definitely looking forward to tonight. I’ve been told that we’re going to get an equally as good response.

It was your first time down here playing shows so did you have any expectations as far as how the crowds would react and how you’d be received?
No, we kind of like to cross our fingers and hope that it’s just going to be bitching everywhere that we go. We’re quite happy that everything is staying consistent.

You released your latest album “Reckless and Relentless” earlier on this year. How are you guys feeling about that release?
It’s going great. The first week we kind of blew everyone out of the water. No-one knew that we were going to do that. It was just explosive first week sales. It hit billboards charts top ten and everyone just kind of sat back and was like “ this is happening now… great! Now we have to compete with this! “ It hasn’t really slowed down for a second. I mean, I’m about to have a new plaque on my wall because it’s been selling so well. The entire album has just brought in such a massive draw and brought in such a massive fan base. The response for it has been enormous!

Was it something that you guys were expecting a little bit because of how successful “Stand Up And Scream” was?
Yeah, I mean we always expect it because we’re a bit too egotistical for our own good but luckily it’s payed off and we don’t have a false ego! Right now our attention is drawn because we’ve just started to sit down and start work on our new album. We’ve sat down and scrutinised our sound and kind of picked apart every single part of Asking Alexandria and perfected each bit by itself. We’re just getting it to the point now where we’re writing an album that could potentially change the music game for good. It could change everything.

What do you mean by that?
Everything. Like everything that music is right now. We’re writing this album and I honestly feel that it has the potential to do it; to completely flip that on it’s arse.

There’s no doubt that with each new released you guys get more and more popular. Do you feel like there’s any added pressure on you to perform even more now?
No. I think that both albums that we’ve done so far; they’ve been considerably different. There’s a definite gap between them. We’ll always continue to do that. We’re always going to change our sound, we’re never going to make the same album twice even when people have gone “We’re not the biggest fan of the new album… why didn’t you just do “Stand Up And Scream” again?” well, if you liked “Stand Up And Scream” that much, just listen to “Stand Up And Scream”! We’re not going to write that album again, just go and listen to that album. We’re going to keep progressing, we’re going to keep maturing and we’re going to keep getting better than what’s been done before. We’re going to keep on pushing the boundaries. Everyone has kind of been following us in that way. With “Stand Up And Scream” we took a new approach to something that was already being done and that’s now and approach that’s been accepted and a lot of bands are doing it. We made “Reckless and Relentless” and nobody was really doing that at all. There wasn’t any metal bands that had that definite rock ‘n roll feel within it and it’s just starting to play it’s part again. We’re not willing to leave it long enough where someone might write a better album than us so we’re doing something different again and taking a different approach again on what is the core Asking Alexandria sound with everything else around it.

Would you say that you’re a bit of a trend-setter then?
Yeah, definitely. Primarily because we take a far different approach to writing music. Most people sit down and write music and go “Yeah, kids are gong to love this”. We don’t give a fuck if kids like our music. We write music that we want to listen to.

So when you say that you like to change the sound of every new record, do you grow weary of the music that your written previously?
Definitely. We just did the video for “Not The American Average”. However much I don’t mind playing it because I sing how I sing now so it might as well be a new song… but we just did the music video and we played it and I haven’t listened to “Stand Up And Scream” in like over a year. I haven’t heard any of those songs besides actually singing them. When I was listening to them I was thinking “that’s not even me; that sounds nothing like me!” I have progressed and matured so much within my own voice I hated it! It sounds so bad. Why did anyone buy that fucking CD? (laughs)

I guess I won’t admit that I own it then (laughs). What would you say your favourite track off the new album would be?
I think that my favourite live song is “A Lesson Never Learned” just because it’s a really, really heavy high energy song. Either that or “Too The Stage”.

You’ve worked with Joey Sturgis who has worked with some of my favourite bands and has built up such a reputation for himself in the industry. How do you find that he’s influenced your sound?
Joey has a definite sound. When you listen to a band and Joey’s recorded it; you know that Joey has recorded it. He plays a big part in the composition of the songs like the orchestral pieces and all the brass and a lot of background stuff. He has a really interesting take on what to do with background sounds that you never really notice. With vocals he does really unique things that kind of sit in the background. People don’t notice them but if they’re not there you really notice – something is definitely missing. That’s what sets him aside from other producers. I don’t record vocals with him that much. I only did two or three songs on ‘Reckless and Relentless” with Joey. The others I kind of went off and did it in a different place. With this new album I live in Los Angeles now so I’m going to be recording there and I’m looking through producers that I’m going to work with over there.

So would that mean that Joey is going to work with the remainder of the band?
Yeah, Joey will always be there. He’s practically a member of the band. He plays a bit part even in the writing process. He’s there throughout and gives his input.

Would you find that a bit hard being away from the other guys or would you say that when it comes to writing music that it’s a pretty fluid process by now?
It’s really simply. Me and Ben predominately are the ones that write everything by ourselves and for the last album as well. I like to record at my house so it’s just a completely relaxed environment so I can just sit down and when I’m in the mood to record and in that zone then I can do it completely.

So what’s the story with the release date for the remix album of “Stand Up And Scream”?
I’m not 100% sure. I only know that it’s coming out because I got an email with the front cover design on it. I took that as a “Ok, we’re doing this now!” It’s been something that we’ve had ready for a very long time. It kind of got put on the back burner because just after we finished doing it Bring Me The Horizon brought theirs out and we didn’t want to over-saturate or be seen as jumping on the bandwagon. We were also waiting for a period where we didn’t really have anything to put out but we had something out there. Now is definitely a good time for that. I’m not sure of the release date for it yet though.

Are you still pretty keen to get it out there or are you a little bit over it by now?
Yeah, it’s going to be good to have out. It’s always good to have more stuff out and even if it reaches a new audience that means new fans.

Is that something that you’re keen to incorporate in the future or are you happy just keeping that sound on the side?
It’s definitely something that’s just going to be a one off deal. It’s not going to become a part of Asking Alexandria. We’re not that band by any means.

I’m just running out of time but what can fans expect to see for the remainder of the year?
Stupid amounts of touring, we’re gong to be recording some new videos, I’m going to do my solo album that’s going to be out before the end of the year and just more Asking Alexandria.


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