Just over a week ago now, the much hyped Title Fight released their debut full length album ‘Shed‘ here in Australia via SideOneDummy / Shock. If you are yet to pick up a copy, it is available now on both [CD] and [LP]. Then just a few days ago, the band’s first Australian tour was announced for September with tickets going on sale this coming Friday. Just prior to the album’s release, Deborah Konopnicki recently caught up with Jamie from the band to chat about all things Title Fight. Click below to expand this post and check it out.

Hey, Jamie! How are you going?
I’m good! I’m just hanging out! The weather in Pennsylvania is real nice right now! It’s cool that I have a chance to go out and ride a bicycle around.

Lucky man! It’s pretty cold down here at the moment.
That’s too bad!

You guys must be jumping out of your skins at the moment. You’ve got your debut album just released. How are you guys feeling about it?
I’m super excited. We recorded this thing in December with our friends Walter and Will. We just got to hanging out and it’s about time! We’ve been a band for about eight years so it’s about time that we got around to putting something out! We’re just hanging out before it comes out! Right now I’m just walking around with the rest of the dudes just trying to kill the time. We’re just going hiking and shit!

There’s quite a bit of hype surrounding this record considering the reputation that you guys have. How have you guys dealt with that?
It is in the back of my head, but ultimately I didn’t really think too much about it because we don’t really care about the anticipations of other people and what they’re hoping for the record to be. I just hope that it can be something that we’re happy with and that we can look back on and enjoy.

Do you have anything exciting planned for the night of the album’s release?
Well, we’re doing a record release in this venue that our friends and I made. All of our friends are just going to be there. We don’t really have too much exciting stuff planned. We’re going to release a VHS of a bunch of things that we recorded while we were at the studio. We’re doing a floppy disk that has an acoustic b-side on it! We’re just trying to do cool things I guess! Were doing things that I would be interested in getting. For the most part, that’s about all. We’re touring, and that’s on May 19th that we start that. That’s going to be real fun too.

Yeah, I saw that you had the VHS up on your website! That’s pretty unique because I can’t really think of too many other bands doing the same thing at the moment! I don’t know too many people that would be able to utilize a floppy disk these days, so was there any specific reason that you decided to release these? Basically just for a bit of fun?
Yeah! We’re all into things that apparently aren’t happening anymore. We wished that they were happening more often. This is interesting to us and we just wanted to see what bands were doing. We just figured that it was only natural. We just figured that in my option it was refreshing.

It absolutely is! I don’t know anyone releasing a floppy disk. It’s pretty cool!
Thank you!

As you mentioned, for this record you worked with Walter from Rival Schools and Gorilla Biscuits so that was add a whole lot of prestige to the release from working with him. What do you think he’s been able to bring to the record?
Oh, he’s had a great influence on Title Fight. He’s been in all these bands, Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, Rival Schools and so on. I think that he’s put a lot of influence on it. It was really cool how it all came together. We just kind of emailed him and he hit us back real quickly. He said “Yeah, I’m actually really interested in your band! I really like it”. He told me to hit him with some details about when we’d be recording and so on. He was just super down with it and liked our band and the demos that we sent him. Lucky for us he wanted to help us. He ended up actually singing on one of the songs from the record as well so that’s pretty cool.

You guys have released a few demos in the past but with getting the actual debut album ready to be released is on another level! Was it a daunting task heading into the studio or because you guys have been together so long was it a bit easier than anticipated?
Once we got into the studio to record the full length, it was a breath of fresh air. I just felt great. It had taken so long and we’ve been putting it off for so long and doing all of these other things that have been getting in the way. Finally we just had time to just put out a record. There was a time that was the longest that we’ve ever been in the studio, so there were times were I got frustrated with my vocal tracks or there would be guitar tracks that I wanted to re-try or this and that. Overall, I had a lot of fun. What would a kid who likes music rather be doing, you know?

Yeah, absolutely. Do you have any favorite tracks from the record at the moment?
Yeah! Well, my favorite is the title track “Shed”. Ned [bass player] sings on it. The record has actually leaked, so if you wanted to download it then you should go ahead if you haven’t already! I don’t really care (laughs). Yeah, Ned sings on this track. It’s more of a mid-tempo song. I think that Ned kills the vocals. I really like the song that Walter sings. It’s like a minute and a half, well, technically it is without the 30 second intro. It’s just really slow and easygoing. I guess that those are my two favorite tracks from the record!

When I was reading up on the album I noticed that you mentioned that you had been writing the most heartfelt lyrics ever for this release; just talking about some of the tough times that the band has had to endure over the past couple of years. This is obviously a very emotional record for you, so how are you feeling about having all of those emotions and lyrics out there for people to now relate to in their own way?
I feel great. I like that everyone gets to experience what we’re experiencing. It’s the reason that I actually get involved in a lot of bands because they say what they’re feeling. I feel like it’s a positive thing. I like that kids are going to be checking it out and letting us know what they’re going to think about it as well as hearing what we’ve got to say. It’s cool.

This is a year of firsts for you guys! You’re also hitting up your first ever headline tour!
Yep! May 19th it starts! I’m really excited for it. It’s our first ever-official headlining tour. I’m super excited for it. It should be a lot of fun. It will be cool to see all of my friends come out!

Have you been playing any of your new tracks live yet?
Not really. We’ve mostly been playing the songs that have been released over on the internet. Those have gone over really well. We’ve just done a tour in Canada where we played a few of them. The kids have been really positive about them. We just played a show actually, an acoustic show for Record Day at this local record store and we actually played songs that we’ve never played before acoustically. A lot of our friends already knew the songs so that was pretty cool. We covered a Tiger Jaw song so we had a lot of fun doing that too. I was cool to see people reacting in a positive way. It was really flattering.

I was going to ask you about Record Store Day actually. It wasn’t something that was acknowledged too much down here, well that I saw anyway. Is it much of a big deal over in the States?
I think that some kids care. I think the kids that are into records care. I think that it’s 50/50 over here. It’s only big for the people that are interested in music and records!

Do you guys have a favorite places in the States to tour?
I guess that everywhere that my friends live. They always turn out to be our best shows. Places like Long Island, Richmond, Southern California. I like the way that the North West looks a lot! With the scenery and everything. Disregarding the kids, I like the North West. They’re not normally our best shows, but I like Texas and obviously here at home in Wilkes-Barre, Philadelphia. Those are our favorite places.

When you say ‘disregarding the kids’ are the shows just not as animated there?
There are certain kids that are into it, but we just haven’t been there enough for them to really get into it.

Would you say that in terms of touring at the moment that you prefer to tour with friend’s bands? Or can it be more exciting to tour with someone new?
I like touring with our friend’s bands, man! Every band on the headlining tour is just a bunch of our friends hanging out. I love touring and hanging out with my friends. I like meeting new bands too and meeting new people but overall my favorite bands that we’ve ever toured with have been my close friends.

There are so many festivals that are available for bands to jump on now making it a lot easier for kids to check them out. Do you have a preference between festivals / club shows?
I like to do a little bit of both. I think that it’s funny that you get to be on a giant flyer with bands like Janes Addiction! Yeah, it’s going to be a great show but I’d mostly like to do headliner shows. I like that better. I guess I like more intimate shows without barriers and security.

I’m just about to run out of time, but what is on the cards for you boys after the album release?
Yeah! we’re out on the road for a month, then we come home for a week and then we’re back out to Europe I think. Then we play a few festivals at home then we might try and get back over to Europe then Australia and then we might try and get over to Japan. I’d like to go to other places that we’ve never been before like Russia and Thailand and just places that most of my friends haven’t gotten to yet.

Title Fight
– ‘Shed’ – Instores now via SideOneDummy / Shock — [Buy Online Here] CD or Vinyl *Free Postage*



Thursday 8th – The Old Museum, Brisbane [AA]
Tickets via www.ticketek.com.au and www.oztix.com.au

Friday 9th – The Metro, Sydney [Lic/AA]
Tickets via www.ticketek.com.au

Saturday 10th – Billboard, Melbourne [18+]
Tickets via www.ticketek.com.au

Sunday 11th – Fowlers, Adelaide [Lic/AA]
Tickets via www.venuetix.com.au

Tuesday 13th – Capitol, Perth [18+]
Tickets via www.moshtix.com.au

For more information, visit www.soundwavetouring.com