Fearless Records outfit Breathe Carolina will hit Australia for the first time this week as part of Soundwave Festival and a couple of Sidewaves alongside Every Avenue and Mayday Parade. Deborah Konopnicki recently caught up with one of the groups vocalists David. Click below to expand this post and check it out.

Hey, how are you?
Good, good!

So, as this goes to print you’ll have stepping onto Australian soil for the first time to play at the 2011 Soundwave festival. How did you get involved and how do you think it’s going to go down considering you still have a lot going on?
I think that we were contacted by them and when we found out about what it was we were totally stoked. There’s going to be a bunch of our friends on the tour as well so we’re looking forward to it a lot. It’ll be crazy. I’m looking forward to seeing our friends in Every Avenue and Mayday Parade. I’m stoked to see The Starting Line and Iron Maiden, Slayer and those bands like that that are going to be really cool. We also have a lot of friends out there that we’re looking forward to seeing and seeing all of the bands that we haven’t seen. It’s going to be crazy. It’s going to be like a tour of the US pretty much. It’s going to be great.

How do you think your set might be received by the public or your fans in general having never played a show down here before?
I don’t know. I’m definitely curious because we’ve never been, to see if our fan base is anything over there. I’m looking forward to see what’s going on. We’re stoked. Hopefully there will be a few kids watching us (laughs).

Are you able to have much interaction with your Australian fans via your website?
We’ve done a few chats, but we haven’t really done much. We haven’t been there or had the opportunity to go over there until now so we don’t really know if people even know about our band or not.

Considering that this is going to be your first time in the country, do you have anything in particular that you want to try and do when you’re not playing shows?
I definitely want to go to the ocean and things like that. I want to hang out with some Kangaroos!

Stock standard response then!
I guess that festivals are festivals no matter where you are in the world and you’ve played at the Warped Tour a couple of times so you’d be pretty used to the set up and things like that. Is there a way that you change your setup to fit the setting? I guess having predominately electronic music does it sometimes get lost in that environment?
When we play club shows we have our physical live set up with lights and things like that. Festivals are different because we’re playing without our lights and setup so we try and make the set a little bit more intense, like make sure that we have a really hyped-up set and things like that. We try and just bring the biggest set that we can.

I know that Soundwave is considerably smaller than the Warped Tour… by like 40 dates or something like that but what kind of preparation goes into something like Warped Tour? I’d imagine that you would have to have everything planned to perfection if you’re going to be away from home for so long.
Yeah, I mean just because it’s such a long and hot summer. Warped Tour you start to have to start thinking ahead like a long while before it. You have to figure out everything that you need to bring with you. Especially being on it two years in a row, there’s a lot of things that you don’t think of being able to bring until you’re out there so that was good. Like, you’ll be out there and be like “Oh, shit I’m not prepared for this weather or my shirt really smells and I should have brought out extra clothes and more shorts and whatever”. It definitely takes a long time to prepare for the Warped Tour just because it’s so long and you’re in the heat all day every day. There’s a lot that comes at you that you need to deal with.

Do you have anything that you personally bring on tour to keep you sane?
I always try and bring as many shirts as I can. It’s just so hot that you’ll be walking around and just be soaked in sweat. You’ll drain it out, then play and be sweatier and try to drain it afterwards! You go through like two or three shirts a day.

That sounds lovely. Onto other less gross things, the Punk Goes Pop 3 compilation came out down here late last years which features a cover of “Down” by you guys. You’ve contributed to this series before. How did you get involved and how did you go about picking the songs to cover?
Fearless Records puts out those complications and we’re also signed to Fearless Records so that was how that all happened. They just asked us to do it. There’s this massive list of songs to choose from. We kind of go through all of them and we pick and chose a whole lot and start throwing around ideas of what we want to do. We picked “Down” because it was kind of the right tempo for us and we were able to explore it all. It was just the right range and right tempo for our voices. We felt that we could do a lot with it. We could speed it up and make it more dancey or slow it down and do what we want to do with it. It’s just a fun song.

Do you play that song live at all?
Yeah, we do.

How do people react to that one?
Yeah, the fans really dig it.

Is there anything else that you’d like to cover in the future or are you happy to stick to your original material for a while?
I don’t know. We haven’t really thought about it. Right now we’re just doing the new record so we’re really just focusing on that. I’m sure that another cover song will come into play at some point.

The latest album that you guys released was “Hello Fascination” back in 2009. How are you feeling about that record at the moment?
We have a fun time playing those songs always. It’s definitely exciting that we get to play some new stuff coming out there though. We’re still going to play some older songs but it’s kind of cool that we’re going to have these new songs ready for Soundwave and we’ll see what happens and if we’re able to play a bunch of new stuff live.

What kind of direction is this new album heading in? Is it the same kind of style that we heard on “Hello Fascination”?
Yeah, kind of in a way. I feel like it’s a lot more electronic, like a lot more heavier beats and also super poppy. There’s a few songs that don’t have any screaming on them and they’re super poppy and there’s a couple of songs that are super heavy, like full band with guitars and drums and things like that. It’s kind of ike “Hello Fascination” but there’s a whole lot more dance stuff I feel like.

Did you have any major influences for this one or is it just a maturation of “Hello Fascination”?
I guess that it’s a little bit of both. I can’t think of a specific influence but I know that a lot of my musical vision has changed since that last album I would say – just in terms of what I would like to do and in terms of what I’d like to hear, so I think that’s influence in itself; just getting the new sound out. It’s a little bit different then we’ve ever done but it’s right for what’s going on right now.

Do you feel a little bit of pressure coming off of the success of the last record? A lot more people know who you are now after playing at the Warped Tour as well so has that been a factor at all?
I mean there was a little bit of label pressure but there’s always A&R and the label that are monitoring what you’re doing and making sure that what you’re doing is good. I actually had a lot of freedom. I think that’s really payed off with the songs. Obviously there was pressure coming off of “Hello Fascination”, that we had to do something awesome and it has to be good. We’re hoping that we’re going to be up for it. So far everyone at the label is happy.

Is there an estimated date when we can expect to see the album come out or are you happy to just take it slower and hash the songs out with no deadline pressure?
We’re hoping early summer here in the states.

I know that this might seem a bit far off, but if all goes to plan at Soundwave can we expect to see you back here maybe at the end of the year for your own headlining tour?
Yeah, that would be awesome. I would love to go back there and do that. I know that when we’re down there we’re doing a few odd shows with Every Avenue and Mayday Parade. We’re looking forward to those! Just to see the club shows and how they’ll go down.

What do you have planned for after Soundwave?
Well, we come back here and we actually have a bit of time off. We come back and then we have our Forever The Sickest Kids tour. We play Bamboozle and after that we’re not sure yet. We’re still working on it.

I won’t take up too much of your time, but what is it that you’re most looking forward to about coming to Australia?
I don’t know. Like, I said, I think that I’m just excited to see my friends that I don’t see very much. I’m excited to see new places and play in new places and check out the scenery and see things that I’ve never seen before. I want to get the whole Australia vibe going on!

26th – RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane [Lic/AA] SOLD OUT
27th – Sydney Showgrounds, Homebush [Lic/AA]
4th – Showgrounds, Melbourne [Lic/AA] SOLD OUT
5th – Bonython Park, Adelaide [Lic/AA]
7th – Claremont Showgrounds, Perth [Lic/AA]

Tuesday 1st March – The Forum, Sydney w/ Every Avenue, Mayday Parade
Thursday 3rd March – The Hi-Fi, Brisbane w/ Every Avenue, Mayday Parade