is an Australian based alternative music website focusing on punk / hardcore / rock / metal and all things similar. It is now old enough to legally drink in Australia! Woo.

It began properly back in early 1999 after a year or two of messing around on a page that was basically friends only sharing music news around inbetween phone calls, and parents kicking us off our dial up connections.

Back then, paper zines were on merch tables at every show, guestbooks on band websites were a hive of activity, everyone had ICQ, and the #frenzalrhomb & #punk rooms on mIRC (hashtags were a thing pre-twitter!) were the way you kept in touch with folks in the online world, and street press was pretty much the only way you found out about upcoming gigs.

One of the Melbourne street press rags had just started an online version with a few columns of content and I thought I’d have a crack at doing what zine makers were doing on paper, online and cover all of the country, not just one city, though everything was really Sydney centric for a while as it was still pretty much a crew of friends bands providing the news.

A few (rather dodgily arranged) interviews were set up, gig dates copied from the street press ads and flyers picked up at gigs, lots of spamming on IRC and a few mates from other states feeding me news, and I had a website, that turned into a bit of a monster.

Eventually word started spreading and shows were setup under the ‘Bombshell Blitz’ banner to keep word spreading, and content just kept flowing in. Bombshell Blitz was retired, and the website started sponsoring tours with the Bombshell Presents banner which still continues this day. If you had say back in the early days ‘Bombshell Presents’ would be plastered onto hundreds of tours from both local and international bands, many of whom long time personal favourites, I would’ve laughed at you. Now there are very few left to mark off on the bucket list, thanks to many great promoters over the years who have chosen to team up with the website to help promote their tours.

There isn’t too much excitement in the middle years, things kept growing, the forums were rather notorious for a number of years, good memories, plenty of gold. Just when you thought something couldn’t be topped… it would. Many crappy site designs, A few legal threats in there (thanks to the infamous forums), some attempted domain stealers, but best of all, heaps of good times, friends made, and bands helped out.

Here we are in 2017, and the site still continues to grow, massive thanks to the core readers who come back regularly for whatever it may be we have that tickles your fancy. Blows my mind how many there are still around from the very start. You rock. Also thanks to the bands, record labels, tour promoters etc. who provide the content, and support us by advertising with us, or in this ‘sharing age’ posting links to our news items and features on your pages and tell your network about us, which all combines to help keep things afloat.

There’s no way I’d still be running after all these years without that support. Right from the very start, the idea was to work with, and promote the bands coming through the ranks, and to this day that remains a priority. It’s a warm fuzzy feeling to watch bands grow over the years, many of whom got some of their earliest promotion through this website. We stick with news I guess in the old school way, factual and informative. If you ever see a clickbait / “You Won’t Believe…” / rumour filled or 17 useless filler items to make an article type story on here, you’ll know I’ve lost the plot.

Here’s to many more years!

So, some frequently asked questions, handy information.

Where did the name Bombshell come from?
A song by Operation Ivy, called, funnily enough ‘Bombshell’. You know it. If you don’t, here’s your chance.

Hey! You stole that site design from xxx site, what’s the go?
It’s a theme, and the one I have chosen to use for the site is a pretty cool one, suits my needs just right (and many others) and hence it is also pretty popular on the theme market and has sold some 6000 copies, so there is bound to be a clash or two with similar websites out there also using it. I’ve tried to give it enough tweaks to be as unique as possible. There’s no intentional copying, anyone can purchase the theme and use it for their site. Budget just isn’t there to develop a completely unique site, and as you’d know from many years of very simple, quickly dated looking layouts, it’s better than me designing another one. I did research around and couldn’t find any other local sites with a similar audience using it that focus on the punk / hardcore stuff, so went for it!

I’m in a band and I want to be featured on Bombshell, what do I have to do?
Use the various submission forms on the website, easily found in the navigation menu up top. Submit News is probably your first point of call, then Submit Gig form in the Gig Guide. You can also e-mail directly. Address is on the Contact page. Introduce yourself, submit regularly, and follow the tips on the Submit pages. If I dig your stuff, I will aim to get in touch. There is no “cost” to be featured on the site, positions are limited and it all depends on how busy things are at the time as to how much I can assist, also when it comes to Hotseat & On The Record interviews, the quality of your answers comes into consideration as to what runs, and what doesn’t. The site also offers various banner advertising positions and promotional packages on site. With these come a few perks, and ways to jump the queue so to speak when it comes to run dates for any features. See further down for more advertising information. Without these banners, the site couldn’t have existed for so long.

I’m in a band / run a label and I want this CD reviewed on Bombshell, what do I have to do?
Currently there is no “reviews” section. I do however listen to everything that comes in, and it helps determine what is, and isn’t covered. Digital links are the easiest way these days. I still prefer physical, but in many cases that isn’t practical anymore. If you want to send something physical, send me a message through the Contact Us form for the address. (You may have found a PO Box address somewhere that I have had for years, that will be lost at some point in 2017 when it expires, so please get in touch BEFORE you send anything there if you plan on it, and I’ll let you know if i’ll still be able to get it. Best way is to upload to Dropbox or similar file sharing site and send along a link to download it. Preferably at 320kbps, all songs properly tagged, and booklets, artwork, bio etc. included as pdf too. Don’t be lazy and just send music with no info, you spent time on artwork for a reason! Codes to download from sites like Bandcamp are also a good way. Do not send MP3s in e-mail. Links only please.

How do I advertise on Bombshell?
Head to the Contact page and outline what you are interested in advertising, there are a number of options to cater for all sized budgets starting from just $5 per week. While I can accomodate short notice bookings a lot of the time, good notice is very handy to ensure you get the best value for your money. There are various editorial options available to those with advertising running, including locked in run dates for features to avoid sitting on the standby pile for when space becomes available. Get in touch and I’ll do my best to meet your needs. I like to keep the advertising related to the audience, so if I don’t think it suits, or will work on the site, I will let you know.

Can I run a competition?
Sure thing, tell us what you’ve got and we’ll work something out. Please note you will need to send in the prize stock prior to the competition running if the prize is physical. Unfortunatly some bad eggs in the past left winning readers missing out by not delivering stock. Not cool.

How do i get my gig in the gig guide?
Use the Submit A Gig link up in the navigation menu up top and make sure you read the instructions on how to submit, and follow them. Some of the formats they come through in, despite it being quiet clear… make me wonder sometimes.

I submitted a gig and it’s not there?
Give a few days before you ask or re-submit, updates happen most, but not all days, if you didn’t fill it out right don’t complain if it doesn’t appear, I don’t have the time to mail you to tell you you submitted it wrong so take a few seconds to read the instructions and you’ll have no dramas.

Can I do work experience at Bombshell?
Nope sorry, at this stage it’s not possible to offer this, but you are always free to submit news, feature ideas and whatnot. If I dig the idea, we’ll talk.

Can I write for Bombshell?
At the moment there are no writer positions, the funds aren’t there to pay what you deserve for your time, and I’m not big on the idea of working for free for ‘experience’ just as above though, if you have any ideas, get in touch and you never know, something might come up.

Can I get a photo pass for this show?
No, sorry, we do not feature live music photography on the website, and therefore cannot gain photo passes for shows.

I saw/heard a band on Bombshell and I want to know more about them can you help?
For sure, while most features have a link to band websites, I’m more than happy to point you at the right direction, just contact, or grab me on social media and I’ll try to help you out.

Can you get me into so and so’s show for free?
Nope, unless it’s in a competition where I have tickets to give away, there’s no getting you in, sorry. Don’t try saying you are from Bombshell at the door of a show and getting in as media either, as some people have found, it’s pretty embarrassing to be rejected, and you will be.

When is so and so coming out to tour, my friend reckons they heard this of a friend of a friends best mate, is it true?
If it has been officially announced and submitted to the site, search the news articles, it will be there, and on the Gig Guide / Tour Calendar, if it’s not, well then it could be rubbish or it’s in the works, just hold your horses and wait for an announcement, not in the business of rumours here, will only find officially announced info around here.

Why isn’t so and so playing in our town or state?
I’m sure there is a good reason, look on the ad and see who’s promoting the show, find their website and email them, i’m sure they will tell you why. It is not always practical for tours to stop in every city, every time sadly. Grab some mates and spend a few days exploring somewhere the tour is visiting. Good fun.

What’s the best way to contact you?
In this day and age there are a million, and I’m sure it’s easy to find, but if not, hit the contact page. Easy!

Where can i send stuff?
As mentioned above, if you have found a PO Box address for the site in a directory or listed somewhere, hold your horses! Get in touch before you post, as at some point in 2017 I won’t have access to that box. Contact first and I’ll tell you the best place to send anything, that way I will get it.

Can I buy you a beer?
Sure, I do love a beer, and it makes a great alternative currency. Its a big country though, so how can we do this? After a few conversations with people saying they felt like they wanted to send something, it was suggested throwing up a Paypal donate link on the site for those who want to support the site but don’t have anything to buy advertising for. Honestly, I expect it to never be used, but we do have a cool little community in this scene, so if you really want to shout me a beer and have some change burning a hole in your paypal account, click below. I promise to turn every cent donated into booze for a trip into my belly.. or be sensible and use it towards site costs.

Anyway back on to more serious stuff…

Who designed your logo?
That’d be Evan at VERSUS Merch & Design. He did both the text logo, and Cliffy the eagle you see down the bottom of the site. Pay his site a visit [Here] and hit him up to do design work, or merch printing for you. Top quality stuff.

Something not answered?
Contact and ask.

Props to you for reading this far down.