Born in the blistering heat and surf of Western Australia, Ratking are making a name for themselves in the local hardcore scene.

In just a handful of years, the five-piece have released an impressive discography. Now, on the precipice of their first Japanese tour in July, Ratking have released ‘SERF‘ – an EP of their most engaging, formidable material yet.

Watch the new video clip for ‘Vote4Me‘ below.


Since day one, Ratking have worked tirelessly. Their debut release, 2013’s ‘Wastelander‘ was an introduction free of ambiguity. Pummelling at any tempo, the EP carved out a unique foxhole from which the band have been attacking ever since. Growing in skill and confidence, the band released their debut album ‘Commonwealth‘ the following year – heavier and more menacing than their debut, setting Ratking on a focused trajectory towards international recognition.

But if ‘Commonwealth‘ was a testament to what they could achieve, ‘SERF‘ is an insight into just how exceptional this band is becoming. Led by singles ‘Vote4Me‘ and ‘Gotta Light?‘, ‘SERF‘ draws upon elements of punk, hardcore and thrash, produced by Matthew Templeman (Make Them Suffer, Statues).

As Ratking’s profile grows so to does the list of heavyweight acts that choose the band as their go-to choice of support – Every Time I Die, Comeback Kid, DZ Deathrays, King Parrot, Northlane, Suicidal Tendencies, Hellions, Miles Away, Norma Jean, letLive., Counterparts, Stray From The Path, Deez Nuts, Raised Fist, ’68 and more.

While hardcore is undoubtedly a universal language, Ratking’s dialect is distinctly Australian. Amidst the relentlessness of their music is a laid-back charm that comes from a life lived by the beach. Unbeknownst to the world, Ratking have been readying themselves to tour every corner of the planet, and SERF is the harrowing siren that heralds the impending invasion.