Melbourne-based blackened rock’n’roll band Pagan have announced their debut album ‘Black Wash‘ will be out on July 6th in Australia via EVP Recordings, and the UK / Europe via Hassle Records.

Featuring the recently released ripper of a single ‘Death Before Disco‘ – for which a video has been released today – and 2017’s belter ‘Imitate Me‘ amongst the album’s 11 tracks, ‘Black Wash‘ is available to pre-order now.

Watch the video for ‘Death Before Disco‘ below.


Black Wash‘ is a collection of 11 songs (‘spells’, in Pagan speak) by four people who have each experienced their own individual hells but walked through the flames together, hand in hand, brought to life by producer Mike Deslandes, in part at Abbotsford’s The Aviary and South Melbourne’s Holes and Corners studios. Together, they pay homage to their punk rock and heavy music ethics, drawing inspiration from the dancefloors of neon-soaked discotheques and back-alley rock and roll clubs of old, rebelling against the rules and nostalgic romanticism that seem to plague underground music to this day.

From the album curtain raiser ‘Il Malocchio Si Apre‘ (The Evil Eye Opens) vocalis Nikki Brumen bares her soul, her ferocious and haunting howls navigating swiftly between the theological world the band have created through striking imagery and lyrical symbolism, and the real world in which she has lived and survived. Her emotional landscape is addressed by references to the earth and the moon, light and dark, two forces which seem to play the role of the chorus in this story – the ever-important voice of reason in all great tragedies. The drama of ‘Black Wash‘ plays out over the backdrop of a very organic, dynamic and fluent rock and roll soundtrack that bravely walks a tightrope between pretty and delicate restraint, catchy-as-hell dance rhythms and monolithically heavy walls of sound and fury, all meticulously crafted and agonizingly arranged by Daniel Bonnici (bass), Matthew Marasco (drums) and Xavier Santilli (guitar), culminating in Pagan’s deathblow, ‘Il Malocchio Si Chiude‘ (The Evil Eye Closes).


Embracing their Italian roots in an almost sarcastic fashion until it’s almost become serious, Pagan have charmed audiences with their unique candour and straight-up saucy attitude since forming in 2015. The past 18 months have seen them play coveted spots on UNIFY Festival, Yours & Owls and BIGSOUND, plus tour their blistering live show across the country with the likes of King Parrot, Clowns and most recently Rise Against this past February.

Expect more dates to launch the album soon.


1. Il Malocchio Si Apre
2. Death Before Disco
3. Silver
4. Imitate Me
5. Holy Water
6. Blood Moon
7. Year of the Dog
8. The Greatest Love Songs
9. Wine and Lace
10. Fluorescent Snakes
11. Il Malocchio Si Chiude


Photo by Andrew Basso