Atlanta, GA’s worlds greatest dad will release their debut album ‘get well soon‘ on May 11th via Deep Rest Records, an independent record label born in Atlanta, GA started by the founders of The Wrecking Ball ATL, Greg Green and Elena de Soto.

A video for the album’s first single, ‘laughing (while you’re smiling)‘ is streaming now below.

In the video, they’d like you to know there are two fantastic dogs. There’s also a metaphoric storyline of a couple diving head first, and likely too deep, into a new relationship failing to take the time to evaluate whether it’s based on their love for each other or a lack of love for themselves.

The video serves a perfect match for the song’s blistering opening line “i’m trying to learn the difference between love and co-dependence.” This is our first taste of the way worlds greatest dad likes to write –– intense and personal as hell. Their lyrical vulnerability is juxtaposed with pop melodies driven by commanding drums effortlessly pushing you through tracks layered with bitter guitars; building up relentlessly in harmony only to have it all come to a screeching halt.


This introspective exploration continues throughout ‘get well soon‘ as the band tackles the concept of becoming self-aware in your 20s. Maddie Duncan (vocalist/guitarist) acts as an open book sharing intimate details of her relationships, personal experiences, and struggle with mental health. She apologizes for her inability to self-motivate on ‘cough,‘ questions the validity of her existence on ‘better off dead,‘ and sarcastically vents about a quarter-life crisis and the fear of failure on ‘a song for mogis.‘ While the record is written from Duncan’s often overly-specific personal experiences, she finds a way to make them so relatable that they feel like stories stolen straight out of manic text conversations between you and your best friend.

worlds greatest dad has been relatively quiet over the last two years and now we know why. Their first LP shows them as a band that has drastically improved from their 2015 EP, creating an ownable poppier sound, confidently carving out a space for themselves among artists like Sorority Noise, Modern Baseball, and Microwave, and demanding attention from a larger audience with a strong collection of beautifully-produced, sophisticated indie rock songs.

get well soon‘ boasts an overwhelming sense of self-loathing at surface level, however the underlying theme of the record seems to be admitting to your faults, and learning to accept yourself despite them – a staggering opposition to the sad-as-fuck mentality of the “emo” genre the band is often associated with. This opposition peaks at the record’s closing track ‘liminal space‘ which examines the threshold that exists between the familiar and the completely unknown. The song acts as an open and honest self-analysis of Duncan’s attempt (or lack thereof) to better herself, an audible depiction of the transformation the band has experienced since we first heard from them, and a fleeting reminder to seek solace in the chaotic in-betweens as we have to encounter those spaces to find genuine newness.



Photo by Elena de Soto