Philadelphia’s Hop Along have just released their fantastic third studio album, ‘Bark Your Head Off, Dog‘ via Barely Dressed Records.

Written over the course of 2016 and early 2017 and recorded in late 2017, the album imagines what it’s like to cast off long held perceptions, often without being certain about the new ones that will replace them. Much like on Hop Along’s first and second records, ‘Get Disowned‘ and ‘Painted Shut‘, songwriter / vocalist Frances Quinlan seeks in real time to work through these emotions.

On ‘Bark Your Head Off, Dog‘, she also grasps at something more complicated.

Growing up I was constantly in my head and not a part of the world. Now I’m trying to force myself into the world.

Bark Your Head Off, Dog‘ is a formidable 9-song collection of the band’s most dynamic and textured songs to date. Self-produced and recorded at The Headroom in Philadelphia, it features the familiar sounds that have always made the band allergic to genre: grunge, folk, punk, and power pop all appear, with inspiration from ELO to Elvis Costello to ‘70s girl group vocal arrangements.

This time around, they’ve added strings, more intricate rhythms, lush harmonies (featuring Thin Lips’ Chrissy Tashjian), along with a momentary visit with a vocoder.

Listen below.


Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog

1. How Simple
2. Somewhere a Judge
3. How You Got Your Limp
4. Not Abel
5. The Fox in Motion
6. One That Suits Me
7. What the Writer Meant
8. Look of Love
9. Prior Things