American emo punk band Forever Came Calling will release their latest EP entitled ‘Retro Future‘ on March 23rd via Perth based Penultimate Records.

With the release drawing closer, the band are premiering a music video for new single, ‘Wish‘.

Frontman Joseph Candelaria says;

‘Wish’ is somewhere I always saw the band headed and I’m glad we finally have a song like it, that reminds me of some of my favorite records. Vocally it’s such an emotional song and I love that.

Check out the video below.


Retro Future‘ is the first release since the 2014 full length ‘What Matters Most‘ released through Pure Noise Records and demonstrates just how far the band have come both artistically and personally. The EP was recorded at Kingsound Studios, engineered/mixed/co-produced by Rick King and co-produced by Nick Thompson of Hit The Lights who also made an appearance on the track ‘Kansas City‘ which dropped in December 2017. The EP will be self-released in USA and available in Australia exclusively through the bands new Aussie home, Penultimate Records.

Pre-order your copy now [Here].


It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. When creativity/entertainment is how you identify ones self-worth it tends to lead to imbalances or rather inconsistencies. Coupling this with severe anxiety and expectation it’s almost impossible to ever feel like I have fulfilled what I set out to do. The collection of songs known as Retro Future is about embracing what you love and making decisions based on your instincts, Saturn’s return: the idea that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, purging antiquated ideas and most importantly believing in yourself. Retro Future is letting go of how you thought things were going to play out so something brighter and better can take its place.


On the signing, Penultimate Records co-owner Jamie Mallinder says.

Personally, I have been a fan of Forever Came Calling for a long time, so naturally we jumped at the opportunity to work with the guys. Having followed the band since early releases, I have always appreciated the substantial growth and development artistically with each new release without compromising their sound. This is also a prominent feature of “Retro Future” so I am really excited for everyone to hear the EP in its entirety.”