After over 6 years of performing live, Melbourne trio, Wet Lips have announced they’ll be taking an indefinite hiatus, but not before performing one last time at their annual inclusive and diverse mini-festival, Wetfest.

Wetfest 4: Wet Forever, will take place April 21st at Howler in Brunswick; the suburb where it all started. Featuring a line up of their favourite artists including, Brooke Powers, Jesswar, Suss Cunts, Moaning Lisa and more.

Full details can be found [Here].

Since starting out in 2012, Wet Lips have been a huge influence and inspiration for many people in the scene. The band that wrote bangers such as ‘Can’t Take It Anymore‘; a testament to being treated like a novelty band for years, have seen the music scene slowly changing, and as the band explains;

We’re really committed to making sure this community continues to grow… In order to do that, it’s important for people to take a break and not burn out. There are so many amazing bands now who can keep doing what we’ve been doing for the last six years and make bigger and better changes.

Wetfest 4


Wet Lips photo by Kimberly Thomson