Brighton indie-punks Harker have announced their debut album, ‘No Discordance‘ is set for release on Friday 9th February.

Along with the announcement, the band are streaming a new track titled ‘300 Cigarettes‘.

With 10 tracks of valve-busting punk rock, ‘No Discordance‘ is the result of months of hard work and an exhaustive journey to create what is a true mission-statement of an album.

No Discordance is a beast. We’ve thrown everything at it. It’s been the most difficult, but rewarding work we’ve done.

Teaming up with an international coalition of labels including Wiretap Records in the USA, Disconnect, Disconnect & Future Void in the UK, Shield Recordings and Fond of Life in Europe, and Fixing A Hole in Japan, ‘No Discordance‘ will be released on digital, CD and vinyl formats.

Listen to ‘300 Cigarettes‘ below. Infectious and poppy, the track pays homage to the sweet tasting early pop-punk of bands like Saves The Day, Bouncing Souls and The Get Up Kids.

However, despite being a fun, infectious, upbeat track the song has a serious underlying message.
300 cigs is about how people can use others emotional states to gain trust and self-assurance. At most times we can be caring, understanding and loving. But unfortunately, there are some who ignore the consequences of their actions on people, and it highlights a horrible part of human nature. At our worst, we can be self-centered, reserved and unaware of the problems we create within ourselves and within others. The song acts as a remedy to the damage left behind after we cut poisonous people out of our lives.


Growing up on a healthy diet of New Jersey and Chicago punk rock bands, Harker, like many their age, spent their formative years learning the lyrics to albums like ‘Goddamnit‘ and ‘Hopeless Romantic‘ front to back. This style of high-energy punk rock served them well and laid important foundations for the group, however was something they always wanted to improve upon, rather than just settle with and led them down a path towards the guitar orientated work of artists like Buffalo Tom and Dinosaur Jr.

Initially beginning as an acoustic project back in 2014, the current formation of Harker developed across the span of three EP’s – ‘Hours‘ (2014), ‘Gasping For Air‘ (2014) and ‘A Lifetime Apart‘ (2015), the latter picked up by Paper + Plastick for release in the United States.
We’re not really the same band anymore. Anyone who saw us in the early days would probably remember us a really acoustic-orientated band. We love those songs but we wanted to make everything fuzzier, poppier and LOUDER, which is why we switched to two electrics.

Entering the studio with producer Tim Greaves at Southsea Sound, the band began work on ‘No Discordance‘ with plans to create a “huge sounding record”:

When I listen to early Jimmy Eat World, or an album like ‘Seamonsters’ by the Wedding Present, I’m always astounded how they managed to capture all the carnage and noise – it’s like lightning in a bottle. If we could even emulate half of that then we’d have accomplished what we set out to do.



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