Melbourne’s Camp Cope have revealed the full details of their forthcoming second album. Featuring the recently released first single ‘The Opener‘, the new album is titled ‘How To Socialise & Make Friends,’ and will be released on Friday March 2nd through Poison City Records, with pre-order details to be made available in the coming weeks.

The band will be previewing their album live for the first time when they take to the stage at The Forum in Melbourne this Sunday December 3rd, with Cash Savage and the Last Drinks and RVG.


Purchase ‘The Opener‘ on iTunes [Here].

Recorded at Holes and Corners over two days in October, ‘How To Socialise & Make Friends‘ anchors on the cycles of life, loss and growth through resilience and those moments of finding and being yourself. The title track and ‘Animal and Real‘ celebrate the joys of being an independent unit and knowing who you are without any influence from external factors. On ‘Anna‘ and ‘Sagan-Indiana‘ it speaks to the non-romantic love felt towards friends; the women who shape you and women working together to find strength in numbers. A raw account of sexual assault and the feelings of isolation that follow is painted on ‘The Face of God‘. Album closer ‘I’ve Got You‘ shows vocalist and guitarist Georgia Maq solo, singing of her late father’s battle with cancer and their close friendship that prevails, even in death.

Throughout the nine songs on ‘How To Socialise & Make Friends‘, it becomes clear that if their 2016 self-titled debut was the spark, this is Camp Cope on full-fledged fire, stronger and more focused than ever.

Camp Cope have become a force in music since forming in 2015. Their Australian Music Prize-shortlisted self-titled debut saw critical acclaim from all corners.

Tickets to their show at The Forum are on sale from the venue.

Camp Cope
Camp Cope - How To


Camp Cope photo by Naomi Beveridge


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