The Round-upTuesday November 7th, 2017

Today we have a live album / DVD from Strife, Hollow World join Truth Inc, a new EP from Arkive, video clips from Georgia June and Beans On Toast.


Overkill Australian tour announced
MONO return to Australia this week
The Desperation return with ‘No More Sad Songs’
Manchester Orchestra announce Aus tour support
The Hunna & Coasts team up for Australian tour

(7) Cosmic Psychos + Amyl and the Sniffers + Wurst Nurse @ The Corner, Richmond
(7) Abolicion + Blind Man Death Stare + The Patient + Küntsquäd + Grudge + Drexler @ The Reverence, Footscray

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News Bits & Pieces

Beans On Toast has released a video clip for his new song, ‘Jamie & Lilly‘.

The track will appear on his forthcoming album, ‘Cushty‘, which is set for release on December 1st via Xtra Mile Recordings.

The song started from an email.

The email was from a girl called Jamie. It was regarding a show that I had coming up in Brighton; she was coming along to the show with her girlfriend, Lilly, and she wondered if it was at all possible for me to give Lilly a shout out at the gig. In particular, she asked if could I dedicate my song ‘I’m Home When You Hold Me’ to her. Apparently, they both loved the song and often danced around the kitchen to it.

Me being forgetful and an idiot, I hadn’t responded at all to the email when a few weeks later I received another mail, this time from a girl called Lilly. In the email, Lilly informed me that she was coming along to my Brighton show with her girlfriend, Jamie, and asked would I be able to dedicate ‘I’m Home When You Hold Me’ to Jamie as they both loved to dance to the song, in the kitchen. I had to re-read both emails to get my head around the fact that they had both requested the song to be dedicated to each other without the other one knowing.

How cute is that?

I still failed to reply to either of them but on the night of the gig, before I played the song, I told the story about the emails and explained how it had been a double request from Jamie to Lilly and from Lilly to Jamie. It turned out that they were both in the front row. As I told the story, they hugged and kissed. Then, when I played the song, they both held each other and danced. It was a magical moment.

I met them both after the gig. They weren’t massively surprised about the double dedication, explaining that they quite often buy each other the same Christmas presents! I ended up going on a night out in Brighton with them, drinking rum. Lots of rum. The rum had its usual effect and the next day my memory of our night was blurry. I did remember, however, that Lilly was a teacher and Jamie a nurse (or was it the other way around?). Typically, they both worked extremely hard and were severely underpaid but, at the same time, they loved their jobs and their lives together. It was inspiring.

For the rest of the tour, every time I played that song I told the story of the emails and how it went down, trying to recreate that feeling of magic for each new crowd. Towards the end of the tour, I realised that, in fact, they’d stolen the song! That song is about my wife, Lizzy, and each time I sang it I dedicated it to them. We couldn’t be having that. They needed their own song.

I took their names, their professions and for the rest of the song, I joined the dots. Which is essentially a flashy way of saying that I made that shit up. Later in the year, with the song finished, I was back in Brighton. This time I emailed Jamie and Lilly, inviting them along to the gig so they could hear their song. Again, they were both in the front row of the gig. I played the song while they both held each other tight and danced. Another moment of magic – I nearly bloody cried! After the show, they gave me full permission to use the song and to play it far and wide. Which I did.

In order for me to make a video for the song, Jamie and Lilly let me join them for a day at home and on the beach in Brighton. The song will be on my next album ‘Cushty’ out on 1st December 2017. It’s dedicated to Jamie and Lilly, to all the hard working teachers and nurses out there, and to anyone who loves Love.

Check it out below.

After recently streaming their new single ‘Broke‘, Sydney quintet, Georgia June have now shared a music video for the track.

Georgia describes the inspiration behind the track –

I feel as though the song really speaks for itself in this one, it was written when I literally had no money, wandering aimlessly around New York, and I just wrote it as a joke on how broke I was. It was comical, I remember going in stores and trying things on and not being able to afford it, but still wanting it and telling my rents I was fine because I was in denial. It’s a song which I feel a lot of people can relate to at some point and just laugh about it.

To celebrate the release of ‘BrokeGeorgia June will launch the single at Red Rattler in Marrickville this Saturday November 11th.

Watch the video clip below. It is available on all the usual digital outlets.

Melbourne band Arkive have released their new EP ‘Sonder‘.

They launched it live over the weekend at Bang!, and later this month will warm the stage for Miss May I, Syler and Justice For The Damned at Max Watt’s in Melbourne.

You can purchase the EP now on CD or bundled with merch [Here], as well as all the usual digital outlets.

Give it a listen below.

Truth Inc Records have announced the signing of rising Melbourne band Hollow World.

The five-piece released their debut album ‘Exanimate‘ earlier this year, as well as gracing stages around the country with some of the best bands Australia, and the world, has to offer.

After playing Thrash, Blast and Grind Festival in Melbourne, Blacken Open Air in Alice Springs and the Dead of Winter Festival in Brisbane and supporting the likes of Fleshgod Apocalypse and Fallujah, Hollow World are set to tour nationally with Once Human in early 2018 and then are planning on setting their sights beyond Australian shores.

Vocalist Ben Roberts comments;

We are excited to join a label like Truth Inc. We’ve always admired the Truth Corroded guys and their drive and now, to work with their label after seeing what they have done in the past with other Australian bands, we are very keen. They have impressed us with their vision for the future and we are looking forward to moving ahead with them as we grow our career.

Stay tuned for new music soon. Tickets are on sale now for the Feb/March tour.

28th – Crowbar, Brisbane [18+]
1st – Shark Bar, Gold Coast [18+]
2nd – Newcastle Leagues Club, Newcastle [18+]
3rd – The Bald Faced Stag, Leichhardt [18+]
8th – The Basement, Canberra [18+]
9th – The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne [18+]
10th – The Tote, Collingwood [18+]
14th – Brisbane Hotel, Hobart [18+]
15th – Club 54, Launceston [18+]
16th – Miners Tavern, Ballarat [18+]
17th – Enigma Bar, Adelaide [18+]
18th – Badlands, Perth [18+]

Los Angeles hardcore quintet Strife will release ‘Live At The Troubadour‘ DVD and album through WAR Records on November 24th. A trailer and pre-orders for all formats have been released.

Recorded live at The Troubadour in Los Angeles, California on February 5th, 2005, the release showcases the band at their most ferocious, with an equally energetic hometown crowd surging on all cylinders for the entire set. Featuring the original lineup playing songs spanning their first three albums – 1994’s ‘One Truth‘, 1997’s ‘In This Defiance‘, and 2002’s ‘Angermeans‘ — the forty-three-minute performance delivers eleven of the band’s most iconic tracks recorded to 24-track audio to accompany a five-camera DVD shoot. After a twelve year wait, the long-awaited live album will finally see the light of day.

Watch the trailer below, pre-order [Here].


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