Sydney five piece, Endless Heights have announced their second album, ‘Vicious Pleasure‘ for release on February 16th via Cooking Vinyl Australia.

Come A Little Closer‘ is the brand new single following ‘Pray I Fade‘, ‘You Coward‘ and ‘Drain‘.

Joel Martorana comments;

Come A Little Closer is a song about the power of love amongst a field of insecurities, disappointments and letdowns. How a romantic relationship can land somewhere so confusing. This song is a dance between the pure feelings and yearning you can have for someone, amidst the minefield of fears you may have about that person and/or yourself. It’s that ‘stuck’ feeling you can have in a relationship where you feel ‘this is so beautiful’, but ‘this is not going to last’. The scariest thing is that I don’t know where this song lands; are these feelings just a part of life, or do I actually regret some of my relationships? It amazes me how something so powerful can become so twisted, and can shift to be more of a coping mechanism rather than a relationship. Come A Little Closer humbles me in this way; whilst it both reminds me to enjoy the ‘moment’, it makes me want to become wiser in the future with who I fall in love with, and how I treat people.

Give it a listen below.


The ‘Vicious Pleasure‘ cover was painted by the watercolour artist Tina Maria Elena, who specialises in erotic art. The album was recorded at Jungle Studios in their hometown of Sydney, with producer Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezabels, The Vines, Motor Ace) and Sam Bassall (Ocean Grove, Justice For The Damned) handling mixing and mastering.

We recorded Vicious Pleasure with Lachlan Mitchell and loved the experimentation behind the whole song-writing and recording process. The five of us agreed that we didn’t want to write or record a record the same way we had done before and it was Lachy’s discography which inspired us to work with him as a producer. We worked with him in pre-production and tracked the record live over 12 days at Jungle Studios – a process we hadn’t been through before. We were completely out of our comfort zone and loved it. The whole creative process felt strangely organic, and we loved the diversity he brought to our sphere, challenging us in a way we hadn’t previously experienced.

Endless Heights

01. Taste It
02. You Coward
03. Toxic
04. Drain
05. Come A Little Closer
06. Pray I Fade
07. Goldleaf
08. Shiver Down
09. Paralyse
10. Run
11. Heart Of Your Lie


To me this record is about a new chapter in my life. Where a lot of our music in the past was putting blame on others (rightly so), this record is about how I’ve taken a step back and taken a huge look in the mirror. I have used people, or stayed in relationships that I know have been damaging (but felt safe in), or situations where I could hold onto some kind of pleasure, convenience or control. The record delves into these themes across a whole range of different relationships; myself, with my father, with love, lust and my own spirituality. A lot of the album alludes to giving in to immediate satisfaction rather than long term peace or wisdom – i.e. survival via indulging in guilty pleasures.


After support tours with Turnover, Taking Back Sunday, and Hellions, and their own headlining tour, selling out shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Wollongong; Endless Heights will be joining Hands Like Houses on their “The Resonants Tour” in January 2018.


17th – The Toff In Town, Melbourne [18+]
18th – The Toff In Town, Melbourne [18+] SOLD OUT
19th – The Basement, Sydney [18+]
20th – The Foundry, Brisbane [18+]
21st – Capital Brewing, Canberra [18+]
—> Tickets available now.
—> For more information, visit [Here]


Endless Heights photo by Jennifer Poon.


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