Circa Survive have shared the second single and music video from their upcoming sixth full length, ‘The Amulet‘, due out September 22nd via Hopeless Records.

Rites of Investiture‘ is an explosive cut propelled by distorted bass and soaring vocals, the kind of unapologetically intricate and ambitious music that’s made Circa Survive a truly distinctive force to be reckoned for over a decade.

For the ‘Rites of Investiture‘ video, Circa Survive enlisted and unexpected star: a teenage version of their vocalist, Anthony Green. All of the footage for the video comes from a 1994 short film shot by Green’s cousin, Jonathan Michaels.

Michaels was building his film school portfolio and asked then 12-year-old Anthony Green to act in one of the projects, rewarding him with a copy of The Smiths‘ seminal album, ‘The Queen Is Dead‘, which Green promptly fell in love with. The repurposed black and white footage makes for a surprisingly eerie companion for the fiery new track, complementing its lyrics surrounding birth and the harsh world that children are immediately thrown into.

Take a look at the video below.


The Amulet‘ can be pre-ordered now [Here].

The album revolves around parallels between immense and cataclysmic themes like the ending of the world or our turbulent political climate, and the highly intimate struggles of interpersonal relationships. Green elaborated saying;

When we were writing ‘Lustration’ there was an immediate feeling that it needed to be the first song on the album and the first song that people heard. It centers the album around the themes of life, death, and rebirth, and we wanted the video and artwork to carry that theme as well. The band has changed a lot, our personal lives have changed a lot, and the video sort of symbolizes those changes you go through—as a band, as a person, in relationships—that necessary struggle you experience when you’re trying to embrace something new.

If you missed it last month, check out ‘Lustration‘ below.

Circa Survive

1. Lustration
2. Never Tell A Soul
3. Premonition of the Hex
4. Tunnel Vision
5. At Night It Gets Worse
6. Stay
7. Rites of Investiture
8. The Hex
9. Flesh and Bone
10. The Amulet


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