Two Cow Garage’s Micah Schnabel is back with his newest masterpiece, ‘Your New Norman Rockwell‘.

Not only is the record out for the world to enjoy, but he has also released an animated video directed by Lucero collaborator and award winning short film director, Charly Fasano.

The collaboration between the two had been almost ten years in the making, brought on by a cassette tape compilation curated by Schnabel’s co-conspirator, cover artist and partner; Vanessa Jean Speckman (who has done art for Frank Turner, John Moreland and so many others).

I’ve been a fan of Charly’s writing since I first heard him on Vanessa’s Lubricated Magazine mix-tape, that we were both a part of back in 2008. Since then we’ve become friends through words and art. Charly creates from genuine experiences. My last time in Denver, I did an art/music collaboration show with Vanessa Jean Speckman and Charly. I had seen his video work with Roy Berry and Rick Steff from Lucero, and had once again, loved his work. We talked about the possibility of collaborating, and that’s where this song is coming from.

Fasano, a poet and writer himself, has long admired Schnabel,

Micah has always been a songwriter that I have admired. He is one of the hardest working artists I have ever known and has become one of my favorite story tellers. The spoken-word angle of ‘The Interview’ made it an exciting video to work on! His new record made it easy for me to make my art work move.

The collaboration worked and created an unique piece of art, to complement such a unique song. Both the song and the video are awkward, thought provoking and oddly beautiful. It’s everything Schnabel wants it to be:

The video that Charly created is a beautiful match for the sentiment of the song. We are all here on this earth and we are all alone. How do we reconcile that? I don’t know that we ever do. But Charly and I are trying to find our best way through.

Watch ‘The Interview‘ below.


For the last 16 years Micah Schnabel has toured the world as one of the main songwriters for the critically acclaimed Columbus, Ohio based band Two Cow Garage.

He is a beat poet who uses a guitar instead of a typewriter. When not touring with Two Cow Garage, Schnabel has been quietly releasing and touring with his solo material over the last 8 years. The lyrical focus and emotional range of his solo work has allowed him to tour with artists ranging all the way from Frank Turner, Lucero, and Beach Slang.

Your New Norman Rockwell‘ brings a new voice and energy to Schnabel’s solo work. His lyrical deftness is pushed into the forefront, painting pictures of America behind the scenes and after the dream has ended. The disillusionment and disintegration of rural America, and searching for hope in our new millennial age.

Listen to the album now below. If you like what you hear, you can purchase on CD [Here] or iTunes [Here].


Micah Schabel

1. Your New Norman Rockwell
2. Jazz And Cinnamon Toast Crunch
3. The Interview
4. Cash 4 Gold
5. Oh, What A Bummer 04:01
6. Are There Any Questions? 02:31
7. Hello, My Name Is Henry
8. American Throw Away
9. Cincinnati, Ohio
10. These Divided States
11. White Envelope


Micah Schnabel photo by J. McKee Photography.


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