Perth’s Tired Lion have shared a video clip for their current single, ‘Cinderella Dracula‘ ahead of a bunch of dates to launch the song which kick off this week.

The clip follows a young girl working her way through a hectic house party filled with weirdos and cliques – bros, burnouts, goody-two-shoes and frisky exhibitionists. And all the while Tired Lion deliver a thundering performance of the breakout track that has been dominating the alt airwaves since its release in March.

Take a look below.


The band has been locked away in the studio with Violent Soho frontman, Luke Boerdam, and Dave Parkin to produce their debut album.

As its name might suggest, the single swings from delicate and gentle one moment to brutal and violent the next. Opening with frontwoman Sophie Hopes playing guitar delicately and singing in hushed tones, the song breaks loose at the 43 second mark, as the full band erupt in unison, and the full force of Boerdam and Parkin’s influence on the album blasts into focus.

Like their two massive singles of 2016 ‘Not My Friends‘ and ‘Agoraphobia‘, ‘Cinderella Dracula‘ again sees Hopes take inspiration from personal pain and twist it into rock’s gain.

This was written at a time when I felt quite lost. I guess you could call it young naivety. I was young and single, ready to experience the world with a kind of “youthful embrace”. I had a one-night stand and what was meant to make me feel content just left me angry and frustrated at myself… Well that was my experience anyway. I wrote the lyrics down whilst waiting for this guy to leave. It was awful timing but I guess it was my way of saying ‘Fuck you, can you get out of my house’. I felt like I’d garnered this split personality – one side being desperate for affection and vulnerable (Cinderella), the other being dark and well…kinda mean (Dracula). The song plays with that contradiction, it starts soft and fragile but then explodes into the heavy stuff – the idea was to hear that struggle the whole way through.

Hopes adds that as expected working with Boerdam, alongside their longtime collaborator Parkin, has been an incredibly fruitful experience and pushed the band to new heights.

I’d definitely say working with Luke has influenced our songwriting for the better. I really can’t imagine recording this album without him now. We all seem to be on the same page and our visions 100% align, which is super important. He also has this way of pushing us to our limits without stepping on our toes and I guess you could say he just gets it. We’re calling him ‘Psychologist Luke’ because he’s listening to all my bullshit through the songs. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with one of the biggest rock legends in Australia.

The single tour begins in Perth this Friday, tickets are running low for all shows, Melbourne is down to the very last ones. Dates below if you need reminding.


5th – Badlands, Perth [18+]
11th – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne [18+]
12th – The Brightside, Brisbane [18+]
13th – Hudson Ballroom, Sydney [18+]
—> Tickets available now.
—> For more information, visit [Here].

Tired Lion

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