Dead Letter Circus will this week release ‘The Endless Mile‘.

Released this Friday 12th May – ten years to the day after the release of their self-titled debut EP – the album can be pre-ordered on CD [Here], vinyl [Here] and all digital services including iTunes [Here].

The release is available on Ten To Two Records through Sony Music Entertainment Australia. Taken from their back catalogue over the past ten years, ‘The Endless Mile‘ is comprised of ‘alternate universe’ versions of the six tracks that made up their 2007 debut EP and is rounded out by five extra fan favourites.

After sharing the first single, ‘One Step‘ – to announce the project, the band followed it with a second taste in ‘The Space on the Wall‘.

Listen to both tracks below.


In recent months, the band took these re-imagined tracks and more out on the road on a national tour. The tour saw them turn down from their usual volume and add a string section of a violin and cello as well as keys and an extra acoustic guitar. It was a very different scene to the usual sweaty chaos of a DLC show, but the stripped-back arrangements, soaring strings and haunting vocals had the crowd mesmerised in those unique moments the band had been chasing by paring back these iconic tracks.

Vocalist Kim Benzie shares his thoughts on the creative approach the band took to reimagining these classics:

As a concept it sounded fun, but it was actually really an absolute brain-melter at times. We’ve always been about chasing the ‘goosebump’ moment when writing and our path to taking people to that moment has been very intense at maximum velocity. It took us a while to find that same doorway in a more spacious musical setting, but we definitely found it with this album.

Dead Letter Circus

1. The Mile
2. Lines
3. Disconnect and Apply
4. Are We Closer
5. This Life Awake
6. Alien
7. Here We Divide
8. The Space on The Wall
9. While You Wait
10. Silence
11. One Step

After 10 years on the road, and three albums deep, Dead Letter Circus are not the band they were at the beginning. They are a band at their peak… and ‘The Endless Mile‘ is a celebration of their story.

I literally can’t wrap my head around that this crazy ride has been going for nearly 10 years. I still remember pulling over the car yelling and screaming when I heard Disconnect and Apply on triple j for the first time. The fact that people connected so deeply with our frantic hyper rock to this day still blows my mind. We thought the most fitting way to honour the 10 year anniversary of the EP and the people n the audience who became our road family, was to completely re-invent and invert the songs in a new studio form, and take them on road to some of our favourite venues. We can’t wait to show you the new versions of the songs.



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