Mindsnare recently surprised all with the release of their new, and first in ten years, album ‘Unholy Rush‘.

The album came after two 7″ EPs – ‘Into Infinity‘ and ‘The Holy Bull Rides Fast‘ in limited capacity which sold out in a flash.

This weekend they will kick off their quick tour to launch the release live. Catch them at Bald Faced Stag in Sydney on Friday 21st April with Hostile Objects, Choke and Homesick. Brisbane, your show is at Crowbar on Saturday 22nd April with Descent and Nerve Damage. Melbourne, you’ll be at Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood on Friday 28th April with Rust Proof, Broken and Year Of The Rat.

Tickets for these shows are available the door only, so don’t be late.

Why has it taken so long to release new music? Mindsnare guitarist Beltsy explains,

It was never a plan to leave it so long, it just kind of panned out that way. Lots of shit going on for everyone with work, kids, life, broken people…. Blah blah blah, all good though it’s here now and I can’t wait to hit the road with it! As far as the writing of the music goes, I just wanted to write something that I feel kind of fits somewhere between Hanged, Choked, Wrists Slit & The Death but with a darker vibe throughout the songs.

Graham Nixon from Resist Records adds,

When we first started talking to the band about recording the new album, we thought of ways on how it can make the most impact upon release that was different to previous albums. As the band were talking of recording some covers, we thought it would be cool to release 2 different 7”s at once, both featuring 2 covers exclusive to the 7”s. As the band had the album also recorded, we had both the album and 7”s manufactured at the same time, with the plan to give away 50 copies of the album to 50 unsuspecting fans. Have no mention of the album prior to this, so it was all a mystery when those were received, Mindsnare don’t put out all that much music, so how cool is that when you receive the bands new 7”, but as a bonus also receive a new album you had no idea about. The plan was to press a limited amount of the 7”s and sell them out really quickly – put a small amount into retail so they also sell quickly, then release the album – no pre awareness, no pre order campaign, its simply out now.

Mindsnare’s ferocious blend of unrelenting thrash mixed with old-school influences results in a savage, unique and uncompromising sound that is welcome, refreshing and undeniable.

Grab the album now on iTunes [Here], or physically [Here].

Unholy Rush‘ was engineered by Jason Fuller at Goat Sound, mixed by Kurt Ballou at GodCity, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege and produced by Jason Fuller and Beltsy. The cover illustration is by Sawblade.

The recording side of things is always a bit of a gamble. You spend how ever long writing the songs and in my case going over and over them in my head with a clear picture of how they will/should sound recorded, however unless you get someone on board for the engineering/mixing/mastering process that understands the style & sound it can all turn to shit pretty quickly… for the tracking/engineering it was an easy decision to go with Jason Fuller at Goatsound, he knows his shit and knows his way around the knobs…. It then went to Kurt Ballou at GodCity for the mixing and Brad Boatright at Audiosiege for mastering who both worked their magic to get pretty much exactly the end result that I had been envisioning.

Listen to the album now below.



01. Intro
02. Winter
03. Lacerate To Exist
04. Unholy Rush05.
05. Into Infinity
06. Gateway To Madness
07. The Inquisition
08. The Holy Bull Rides Fast
09. Nowhere To Run
10. Escape The Fallout
11. Not A Lot Gets Forgiven
12. Witches With Blood
13. Buried Alive


Mindsnare photo by Nicole Goodwin


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