Brisbane’s Deadlights have shared another taste of their forthcoming album for Greyscale Records.

Mesma‘ is due out this Friday 21st April, and that latest taste is ‘The Mad Scientist‘. A video clip directed by Thomas Savage can be seen below.


You can pre-order the album now [Here].

Earlier, they released a video for ‘Invisible Hands‘ which can be seen below.


Deadlights have been given the opportunity to share the stage with everyone from Confession to Silverstein, and from Every Time I Die to Dance Gavin Dance.

Now it is time to make a mark with the release of their debut album, ‘Mesma‘.

Back upon announcement, vocalist Dylan Davidson commented;

There is a natural energy transference that occurs between all things. Mesma is an exploration into the relationship between the erratic chaos of life and the hypnotic undertones of order. Everybody in the world has negative memories. They pop up when we least expect it and terrify us like being grabbed in the dark. They get caught playing on loop in our brains, distorting our ability to love ourselves. This a song for anybody who’s brain projects negative images of themselves. Who need help but won’t accept it. We are here for you, because in the words of Friedrich Nietzsche ‘It is invisible hands that torment and bend us the worst’

Deadlights have spent their years defining themselves by their DIY ethic, which as Davidson continues, reflects in their signing to Greyscale Records.

As soon as we heard that Greyscale came into existence we thought ‘They’re the ones for us’. The music scene needs a rad grass roots company to change it up. We are going to make waves together.

For the past 9 years, Dylan Davidson, Tynan Reibelt, and Joshua O’Callaghan have been working together to develop a sound that is truly their own, and with the recent addition of Sean Prior, the band has found themselves and now, after years of slow, calculated steps, the band walked into Loose Stones Studios with Andy Marsh of Thy Art Is Murder, and walked out with their Greyscale Records debut.

The hometown launch is locked in for this Friday night at Crowbar in Brisbane with guests The Comfort, Vitals and Vaela.


1. Order without order
2. The Mad Scientist
3. Preconceptions
4. Wavelengths
5. Everything all at once
6. Attitude and Longitude
7. Invisible hands
8. Backwash
9. Know Hope
10. The Translator
11. Suadade
12. The Shapeshifter


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