Melbourne’s Toehider have announced their final shows for 2016, supporting Meniscus on their album launch shows in Melbourne and Sydney this November.

Frontman and multi-instrumentalist Mike Mills has also announced these will be the final shows for the foreseeable future with the current “Mark 2” touring lineup of guitarist Lachlan Barclay, bassist Amy Campbell and drummer Mike Solo. Toehider will continue as a live act with a new live lineup, whilst the current lineup amicably disbands as Barclay, Campbell and Solo pursue other activities.

Hello! So next year I’m super keen to get back out and play a lot more shows and tour more often with Toehider. I feel like the chemistry between myself, Amy, Mike Solo and Lachlan has been great, it’s getting us all in the same room together to rehearse that’s been the tricky part! I’ve been pretty content these last few years playing the odd show here and there when we’re all free and willing, but lately I’ve really been feeling like I need to honour the amount of support the fans have been giving Toehider, which really means getting out more frequently and playing the music live.
It’s inevitable that priorities change over time, so it’s been mutually decided that Toehider soldiers on with some fresh faces and in a slightly different configuration. But more on that later…
Amy Campbell, Mike Solo and Lachlan Barclay are all wonderful, beautiful, talented human beings who I’ll no doubt work with again in some capacity in the future, and I’d like to publicly thank them all for putting up with my control freak-isms, my inability to set up a merch stand to look nice, my mental health ailments, the sweaty hugs, and most of all for smiling politely when I quote Teen Wolf even though I know you guys don’t like the movie that much. No but seriously, thanks for your dedication and delivering 110% of your heart and soul into every single performance.
The art and recorded music of Toehider will continue to be a collaboration between the mighty Salty and myself, and Mr. Solo will still stay on board as co-manager and spiritual advisor. But again, more on that later…
Stay tuned! See you soon xoxox

Catch the current lineup one last time when they play with Meniscus at Ding Dong Lounge in Melbourne on Friday November 11th and Manning Bar in Sydney on Friday November 18th.


Mainly Songs About Robots‘ is out now through Bird’s Robe Records/MGM.